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Each enterprise can easily enhance the performance and user experience of its software application by migrating to a robust or advanced technology. For instance, a business can migrate to cloud platforms to build, manage and deploy software applications efficiently without investing in physical infrastructure. Likewise, the business can also switch to the latest version of an operating system or programming language to avail several new features and enhancements. But each business has to address a variety of issues – risk of data loss, disruption of business processes, and loss of productivity- to migrate from one technology to another successfully.

Cybria has helped many enterprises to switch from one technology to another by overcoming the common issues associated with technology migration. Our developers and testers have already migrated a variety of software application from one platform to another, the older version of a programming language to its latest version, and conventional infrastructure to cloud platforms. They always understand the requirements of the client clearly, recommend the right technologies, and implement a realistic migration roadmap to overcome the common issues.

We further perform elaborate testing to ensure that the application delivers optimal user experience with the new technologies. Our team further uses robust database, language, and platform conversions tools to implement the custom migration roadmap accurately and quickly. We have expertise in migrating both applications and infrastructure components to meet the changing requirements of the client and latest industry trends. Many global enterprises have availed our technology migration services to take advantage of more advanced and robust technologies without interrupting their business processes and operations.

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Advanced solution

We help enterprises to choose and migrate to the right technologies according to their future needs and emerging industry trends.

We have experience in porting a variety of software applications and infrastructure components from one technology to another.

We make and implement custom migration roadmap to ensure that the technology migration does not affect or disrupt regular business operations.

We reduce technology migration time significantly by combining robust database, language, and platform conversions tools.

We test the application thoroughly to ensure that it delivers optimal user experience with the new technologies.



Migrated VB.NET App to Web App

Cybria helped one of its clients in migrating his old app from VB.NET to ASP.NET

  • Industry - Manufacturing Industry
  • Region - Canada
  • Team Size - 4 | Development Period - 6 months

Technology : VB.NET, ASP.NET, MVC, C#, Angular.JS, SQL Server, AJAX,


Migrated a old Snitz Forum to PHPBB

One of our client was using a forum to support his eCommerce website, which was made on Snitz. Cybria helped them to migrate that forum to PHPBB.

  • Industry - ECommerce
  • Region - USA
  • Team Size - 1 | Development Period - 2 months

Technology : PHP, PHPBB, Snitz, Clasic ASP, MySQL


Migrated a Desktop application to Web

Cybria got a chance to migrate a module of a huge automation application from Desktop version to Web, as the client want that app to run on internet instead of intranet.

  • Industry - Manufacturing Industry
  • Region - USA
  • Team Size - 2 | Development Period - 3 months

Technology : ASP.NET, .NET, WPF MVC, C#, Angular.JS, SQL Server, AJAX

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