The global economic slowdown and recession has made it essential for insurance companies to generate more revenue and reduce operational costs. An insurance company can always take advantage of the latest technologies to make its processes more efficient and beat competition. But the company needs custom insurance software and solutions to meet its requirements and accomplish its objectives.

Cybria has experience in building custom applications according to varying needs of individual insurance companies.

We believe in developing custom insurance software applications that meet specific needs of the insurer and latest industry trends, while delivering optimal user experience across multiple devices and platforms.

Our developers have adequate skill and industry exposure to create custom applications according to specific needs of each insurer, while picking the right technologies and development tools. At the same time, our testers evaluate the insurance application throughout the development and deployment process to enhance its usability and user experience.

Industry highlight

Claim Management and Processing

Our custom insurance software applications help insurers to track, process, and manage varying claims of customers quickly and efficiently.

Policy Issuance and Administration

We have built custom solutions for insurance companies to issue and administer insurance policies of each client without deploying additional employees.

Compliance and Statutory Requirements

Several insurance companies use custom application developed by us to meet the frequently-changing compliance and statutory requirements effectively.

Why Cybria

Developers with Adequate Industry Exposure

As they have already developed a variety of custom insurance software, our developers have adequate industry exposure and clear understanding of emerging industry trends.

Continuous Testing and QA

We test the insurance application thoroughly and continuously to ensure that it meets specific needs of the insurer and function flawlessly.

Focus on Usability and User Experience

While planning, developing and deploying the insurance application, out developers and testers focus extensively on its usability and user experience.

What makes us different

  • Expertise in developing applications for large, medium, and small enterprises
  • Experience in developing software according to varying needs and objectives of clients
  • Team of skilled developers with adequate industry exposure
  • Team of seasoned testers to evaluate the software continuously
  • Extensive focus on the application’s accessibility, usability and user experience
  • Reduce development time by combing the right frameworks and development tools
  • Curtail project overhead by using open source technologies and development tools
  • Provide 24 X 7 technical support through phone call, emails or chats

Got a project ? We deliver...

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