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A business can no longer increase its sales and revenue by launching an e-commerce portal. The web store must deliver optimal shopping experience to keep the website visitors engaged and convert them into customer. Hence, the entrepreneur needs to explore ways to make the web store deliver optimal user experience through enhanced functionality, performance, accessibility, security and visibility.

Cybria has experience in building e-commerce applications for small, medium and large enterprises. We believe in building e-commerce applications that meets specific requirements of the business, deliver optimal customer experience, and meet the latest industry trends. Our developers have adequate skill and industry exposure to create custom web stores for companies from various industries.

We further understand the significance of making the web store popular within a short amount of time. Our developers focus on the quality of the code base to make it easier for businesses to maintain and update the e-commerce website frequently. At the same time, our testers evaluate the application continuously to ensure that it delivers optimal shopping experience to each user.

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Advanced solution

We have experience in converting a variety of brick-and-mortal businesses into web stores.

We focus extensively on customer and shopping experience while planning, developing, testing and deploying the e-commerce application.

We adopt responsive web design and use open technologies to make the e-commerce application accessible on any device or platform.

We test all aspects of the e-commerce application to keep it functional over a longer period of time.

We keep the code base readable and include specific features in the application to simplify maintenance and updates in future.



Educational CMS

Cybria crafted a Wordpress driven CMS based website for an Educational Institute from Netherlands.

  • Industry - Manufacturing Industry
  • Region - Germany
  • Team Size - 2 | Development Period - 1.5 months

Technology : Wordpress, PHP, HTML 5, CSS3, Jquery, My SQL


Benice - e-commerce for Boutique

Helped one of our client to build an online shop for her boutique.

  • Industry - Beutycare
  • Region - Netherlands
  • Team Size - 1 | Development Period - 2 month

Technology : WordPress, PHP, MySQL, Bootstrap, Angular JS


East Indian Journal

Made an E-Commerce website for one of our client to help him sell e-Journals

  • Industry - Printing and Media
  • Region - India
  • Team Size - 1 | Development Period - 1 month

Technology : PHP, Joomla, Bootstrap, Jquery, HTML 5, CSS 3

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