Is Angular.JS a Good Choice for JavaScript Frameworks?

Is Angular.JS a Good Choice for JavaScript Frameworks?


The usage statistics posted on various websites indicate that AngularJS is currently one of most popular JavaScript frameworks. The open source framework is written in JavaScript, and distributed as a JavaScript file. Also, AngularJS is developed and maintained by a dedicated team of engineers at Google. The features provided by the framework make it easier for developers to build, test, and maintain a wide variety of web applications.

As the front-end JavaScript framework supports model-view-controller (MVC) design pattern, it becomes easier for developers to build large web applications into small components. Also, the programmers can express various components of the web application simply by extending HTML syntax. At the same time, they also have option to integrate AngularJS with several JavaScript frameworks and tools. There are also a number of reasons why modern web developers prefer AngularJS to other front-end frameworks.

Why Web Developers Prefer AngularJS to Other Front-End Frameworks?

Progressive Web App Development

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MVC Design Pattern

Like other modern web application frameworks, AngularJS also supports model-view-controller (MVC) architecture. The MVC architecture allows programmers to divide a web application into a number of small modules, and keep its user interface and business logic layers separate. At the same time, AngularJS acts like a pipeline, connects various MVC components automatically, and manages them efficiently. Hence, it becomes easier for developers to connect and manage the MVC components without writing additional code. Also, the separation of user interface and business logic layers of the applications enables programmers to maintain and update the application within a shorter amount of time.

Use HTML as a Template Language

AngularJS enables developers to use HTML as a template language. The programmers have option to extend HTML and use it just like XML. As a declarative language, HTML allows developers to define web-based user interfaces procedurally. Also, the programmers can reorganize the UI according to their specific needs without making any changes to its components. The can even take advantage of the special attributes of HTML tags to decide the components to be loaded, and when each component will be loaded. Hence, they can control web application execution fully by using the special attributes of HTML tags. They even have option to create new HTML syntaxes by extending existing tags and their attributes.

Simplified Analysis and Manipulation of DOM

Unlike other frameworks, AngularJS does not analyze the website’s document object model (DOM) through observable functions. It uses specific element attributes to analyze DOM and create binding between different components. As AngularJS uses specific attributes, the programmers are not required to manipulate DOM by writing complex code. The DOM manipulation techniques further eliminates chances of coding errors. At the same time, the JavaScript library modifies the DOM more quickly without requiring programmer to embed additional HTML code.

Automatic Data Synchronization

AngularJS comes with features to simplify data binding. It synchronizes the data between various model and view components automatically. It further performs data binding at specific points of JavaScript code execution. Thus, data binding is not performed when any change is made to individual controls or values. The framework even has the capability to replace many cascading data change events each time the application’s model or view is updated.

Option to Filter Data before Delivery

AngularJS allows programmers to deliver filtered data to end users. The developers can use filters to transform the data retrieved from the server before being delivered to the client. Filters are designed as standalone functions that select specific items from an array, and then return a new array consisting of the selected items. However, the developers can use filters to change the existing order of items in an array, formatting the decimal places of a number, select the items based on specific conditions, and implement pagination. Hence, filters can be used for varying data transformation purposes.

A Component of MEAN Stack

As an open source software stack, MEAN enables developers to build both front-end and back-end of a web application in JavaScript. MEAN is actually an acronym for its four open source components – MangoDB NoSQL Database, ExpressJS, AngularJS and NodeJS. Hence, the developers have option to use AngularJS as a component of MEAN Stack, and integrate it seamlessly with other back-end JavaScript frameworks. The combination of these frameworks further makes it easier for programmers to write both client-side and server-side code in JavaScript.

An Array of UI Frameworks

The web developers also have option to choose from an array of AngularJS-based UI frameworks including Suave, QuantumUI, PrimeNG, UI Bootstrap, Angular UI Grid, Angular UI Tree, and Semantic UI. The UI components provided by these frameworks make it easier for developers to create custom and responsive web-based user interfaces without putting extra time and effort. Also, they can take advantage of the themes and tools provided by these frameworks to make the user interfaces more engaging.

Improved Testability

AngularJS is designed with a dependency injection subsystem which connects various aspects of the framework efficiently. The application’s controllers pass information through the injection subsystem. Hence, it becomes easier for programmers to manage both controllers and scope of the application. They can even perform unit tests continuously by injecting mock data into the injection subsystem to assess both quality of output and application behaviour. They also have option to perform unit testing efficiently by using a robust tool like Karma.

However, AngularJS, like other frameworks, has several shortcomings. For instance, it allows developers to accomplish a single task in multiple ways. Hence, the beginners often find it daunting to decide the most efficient way to perform the task. Likewise, the developers must learn various components of the framework to save both time and effort. But the developers can still use AngularJS to build, test, and maintain varying websites and web applications rapidly.

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