Banking & financial services


Like other enterprises, banks and financial institutions also need to adopt latest technologies and meet changing preferences of customers to remain profitable in the longer run. But the banks and financial companies need applications that meet their specific needs, deliver optimal user experience, and keep both business and customer data secure. Also, the banks and financial companies need to update their applications regularly to meet the revised compliance and regulations.

Cybria has experience in building custom software applications for international banks and financial institutions. While planning and developing a banking application,

we focus extensively in its accessibility, functionality, performance, usability, security, and user experience. At the same time, we perform a variety of tools to ensure that the application functions flawlessly, and keeps all data secure.

Our developers further keep the application code clean and readable to make changes to the application in a shorter amount of time. They further include features in the application to help administrators to update financial information frequently and enable users to avail updated and accurate information any time. They even include a variety of authorizations and authentication system to make the application accessible only to authorized users.

Industry highlight

Operations and Process Management

There are a number of financial institutions that use our custom applications to manage their operations and processes efficiently, along with meeting compliance and regulatory requirements.

Payment Card Solutions

We have created custom applications for several financial institutions that enable users to make payment through a wide range of options through smart card lifecycle management.

Customer Data Analysis and Management

We have built custom applications for banks to make the process of data collection, storage, exchange and updates both simple and efficient.

Why Cybria

Integrate Latest Technologies and Systems

We consistently monitor the emerging industry trends to integrate the latest technologies and solutions into the custom banking or financial application.

Emphasis of Security

We focus extensively on the security of the application to keep the software and data secure and inaccessible, while keeping the application functional despite targeted malware attacks.

Implement Operational and Marketing Changes

Their industry exposure enables our developers to keep the banking or financial application flexible enough to implement and accommodate both operational and marketing changes within a shorter amount of time.

What makes us different

  • Expertise in developing applications for large, medium, and small enterprises
  • Experience in developing software according to varying needs and objectives of clients
  • Team of skilled developers with adequate industry exposure
  • Team of seasoned testers to evaluate the software continuously
  • Extensive focus on the application’s accessibility, usability and user experience
  • Reduce development time by combing the right frameworks and development tools
  • Curtail project overhead by using open source technologies and development tools
  • Provide 24 X 7 technical support through phone call, emails or chats

Got a project ? We deliver...

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