About Cybria



From the date of its incorporation, Cybria has only one goal, Delivering high quality values at a price that no one can beat. We are the masters of Software Development; And we take it seriously. Since the day of our start-up, we have enabled organizations to collaborate more effectively, secure their highly-valued content and improve business process efficiency.

By delivering modern, open source enterprise content software, we connect people across boundaries. We help them to make more informed, faster decisions while ensuring high levels of security and control that IT requires.

We are a family of 20+ members with very focused goals. We work in some of the finest and mostly demanded technologies now-a-days, like ASP.NET, CRM, WebAPI, Xamarin, PHP, Wordpress, Angular.JS .

we are not hungry for Money, we are hungry for delivering awesome values to organizations hence leaving an impression of Cybria in every industry, and yes we are hungry for making the word Quality equal to Cybria.

Remote Programer Models

We offer a lot of Dedicated Remote Programer models to work with, below are few basic models. We are open to customize these models anytime according to your needs.

  • Half-monthly Developer only; 85hrs in a calendar month @1000$ USD
  • Half-monthly Developer + Architect: 85hrs of Developer and 20hrs of Architect in a calendar month@1500$ USD
  • Full-monthly Developer only; 170hrs in a calendar month @1800$ USD
  • Full-monthly Developer + Architect: 170hrs of Developer and 40hrs of Architect in a calendar month@2500$ USD

You can hire a Full-Time Senior Software Developer at $1,500 USD to $2,000 USD per month. Isn't it fair enough for you to cut down your cost ? Don't worry about Quality, at Cybria we are damn serious about quality.

Got a project ? We deliver...

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